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Access Full-Suite Staffing Solutions for Hospitals, Rehab Centres, Nursing Homes, and Surgical Centres

Registered Nurse Managers, Licensed Practical Nurse Managers, and Certified Nursing Assistants / Geriatric Nursing Assistants Managers demand flexible career solutions. Likewise, chief operating officers and chief human resource officers in the healthcare industry know how quality nurse staffing solutions are key to driving better outcomes and achieving organizational goals on time.

At Rockstar Nurse Staffing Solutions, we offer you access to the highly talented pool of nurses and nursing assistants you’ll need to handle volatile changes in demand for patient care and solve staffing needs efficiently. We also specialize in Executive Search for RNs in various C-suite level and admin/quality departments.

Request the staffing solutions you need today or get in touch with a recruitment expert to discuss a tailored approach to your situation.

Solve Staffing Challenges with Tailored Solutions

Here’s how we have adapted to cater to your needs and to help you solve any nurse staffing problems you may face:

Per Diem Hiring

Manage seasonal surges in demand for patient care with reliable per diem nurses that help relieve your full-time staff. Our per diem nurses only get paid for the hours they put in and we take care of all the paperwork.

Direct Hire Placement

Stay ahead of your competition with the stability and continuity you get from direct hires, especially for mid-management and top-level roles. We’ll make sure you get the best professional available.

Contract Hiring

Rockstar Nurse Staffing Solutions will improve your patient satisfaction levels with the support of vetted and reliable contract nurses. Return as often as needed.


Get the option to offer contract nurses a full-time position if they are a good fit for your facility or come back to us for other nurses and staffing solutions.

Travel Nursing

Rockstar Nurse Staffing Solutions provides you with access to a talent pool of qualified nurses who will travel to work with your healthcare facility.

Get Started Now!

Start a new era for your healthcare facility with staffing solutions designed to help you achieve your goals, reduce your churn rate, and manage your budget better. Let us know what you want by scheduling a call with our recruitment experts or simply filling out our staff request form today.

Calling All Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Communities and Schools in Need of Qualified Nurses and Nursing Assistants

Healthcare Providers Gain Access To Full-Suite Staffing Solutions With Our Services!

Rockstar Nurse Staffing Solutions provides healthcare facilities like yours with highly trained and capable Nurses and Nursing Assistants.

Fill out a simple form to request what you need or schedule a call to speak with a recruitment expert so we can get started and offer you tailored solutions.

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We match capable nursing talent with exceptional healthcare facilities

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Full-Service Healthcare Staffing!

Rockstar Nurse Staffing Solutions is a full-service healthcare staffing and recruitment agency specializing in the placement of experienced RN, LPN, and CNA/GNA on long and short-term contracts across the country. Call us today if you have any questions!

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