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Let Rockstar Nurse Staffing Solutions Match You with Rewarding Roles Worth Your Time

Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants/Geriatric Nursing Assistants like yourself are in high demand across the nation’s hospitals, rehabilitation centers, surgical centers, and nursing homes. At Rockstar Nurse Staffing Solutions, we filter through the noise to help you switch into flexible roles willing to pay you more than you make now.

If you want to join our talent pool of nurses and nursing assistants to get the first look at all the new exclusive opportunities we come across before they get published, then submit your resume today. You can also take the lead by looking at the roles we have already posted on the job board.

What Is Your Preferred Work Model?

We have worked alongside countless nurses who have different ideas of what work-life balance means while helping them earn what they really deserve. We can place you using any of the options below:


Increase your chances of earning more if you’re offered a full-time role with a contract-to-hire solution where you get to experience the work environment first. You can always come back to us for another placement if you need it.

Direct Hire Placement

Enjoy a new full-time role matching your experience and specific expertise. You can hit the ground running while you trust us to negotiate the best possible pay and benefits on your behalf.

Per Diem Roles

Enjoy additional income whenever you need it by picking up shifts with healthcare facilities in urgent need while getting paid above-average wages.

Contract Roles

Manage your time better and improve your earnings in contract roles where you work for an agreed period and get exciting pay to match your efforts.

Travel Nursing

Rockstar Nurse Staffing Solutions provides you with access to healthcare facilities all around the world so you can travel to the best opportunities available.

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Find exciting new roles on our job board where we list all sorts of opportunities that are worth checking out.

Improve your chances of switching to your ideal role faster when you submit your resume to become a part of our talent pool. This gets you first access to any new roles we come by that you’re a fit for.

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Rockstar Nurse Staffing Solutions is a full-service healthcare staffing and recruitment agency specializing in the placement of experienced RN, LPN, and CNA/GNA on long and short-term contracts across the country. Call us today if you have any questions!

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