A Rockstar Referral Bonus

Earn $1000 When You Refer your RN, LPN, or CNA/GNA Friends to Us!

Nurse Staffing 22
Nurse Staffing 23

Earn $1000 when your referral completes a 13-week assignment


You don’t have to be a healthcare professional or even work for us to receive the referral bonus.


Referred candidate must successfully complete at least a 13-week assignment


Referral bonus will be paid after the candidate completes their contract

*Referred candidate should not have previously worked with Rockstar Nurse Staffing Solutions, or must have been inactive at least 1 year prior to being referred. Referred candidate must begin their assignment within 6 months of the referral being received by Rockstar Nurse Staffing Soluions in order for the Referral Bonus to be paid.

Nurse Staffing 24

Refer your RN, LPN, or CNA/GNA friend!

Earn $1,000 when they complete a 13-week assignment!